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Hours & Location

Summit Woods Shopping Center 1694 NW Chipman Rd,
Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

(816) 600-6053

Check our hours, our ovens might be sleeping.

Sunday- Thursday 11am-8pm 

Friday & Saturday 11am-9pm

Something on your mind?

Maybe you want to throw a special event or a party? Or, our pizza made your tastebuds feel something they haven't felt in years, and you want to say thank you. Whether you have questions, concerns or just want to say hello, email us at or give us a ring at (816) 600 - 6053. Not a real ring. Like, a 'call' ring. We're not ready to settle down.

Roman-inspired. Kansas City forever.

Rumor has it... we have more fountains than Rome, However, that's not the only aspect of Kansas City that's tastefully Roman. Pinsa Kitchen, the world's first-ever Romano-style fast-casual pizzeria, is headquartered right here in America's Breadbasket.

Rome, close to home.

We've got our ovens primed, our aprons tied taught and our sights set on world domination. While we've got big doughy dreams of filling countless bellies full of our delicious cloud-like pizzas made with fresh mouth-watering ingredients, Kansas city will forever be the place we call home. But, enough of the sappiness. Big chefs don't cry. Take a look down below and fire up the car, we hope to see you soon.

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